"We wanted to build what we wish we had growing up."

The co-founders of TKS are two brothers – Nadeem and Navid Nathoo. They founded TKS on the belief that as a society we are not optimizing human potential, and if we unlocked the full potential of young people they could solve the world’s biggest problems. Prior to TKS, they started and sold companies in Silicon Valley, consulted for Fortune 50 companies, and worked on microfinance and early childhood education in developing countries.

Problems We Train Students to Solve

We fundamentally believe that there aren't enough smart people in the world working on solving hard problems. Here are areas that we think are important, which all have problems that need solving. Many of these problems are waiting to be solved by the next generation of people who care about the future of humanity. At TKS, we believe that society can't sit around and hope someone will solve these problems - we need to be intentional about training these people to learn how to solve big problems from a young age.