Needs-Based Financial Aid

Needs-Based Financial Aid is provided to any student who is accepted into the program and does not have the means to afford the program at its full price. ‍

The TKS application process is need-blind, which means you are accepted into TKS first based on your ambition, drive and curiosity, and then you apply for Financial Aid. More than 50% of our students receive financial aid.


  • Receive acceptance to TKS.
  • Demonstrated need based on: lower household incomes, familial jobs loss or reductions due to COVID-19, competing expenses such as medical bills, large families with many dependents, etc.

Unicorn Scholarships

The Unicorn Scholarship is a $500 merit-based award for students who perform exceptionally during the application and interview process. 

In Silicon Valley, the term "unicorn company" is used to describe a startup that is worth over a billion dollars. In TKS, we ultimately want to develop people to solve important problems in the world. So we've defined a unicorn person as someone who "impacts billions" - or a large number of people. The award will be given to students upon their acceptance into TKS.


  • Receive acceptance to TKS.
  • Perform exceptionally well in their application and interview.

NN Full-Ride Scholarship

The NN Full-Ride Access Scholarship is provided to exceptional students who don't have the financial means to afford TKS - valued at $6,000. 

This special scholarship is sponsored by the TKS founders - Navid and Nadeem. They strongly believe that money shouldn’t be a barrier to knowledge, and that the next change-makers can come from anywhere, regardless of economic background.


  • Receive acceptance to TKS.
  • Have significant financial constraints.
  • Submit a special project for the founders to review, which is provided during the financial support process.


Financial Aid Provided


Of students receive financial assistance


Historical average of financial aid

Tuition Cost

TKS offers flexible payment options and discounts for payment in full. These tuition costs would be reduced by any financial aid or scholarships provided.

Global Virtual Program

Pay Monthly
$489USD per month
  • +$1000 USD Deposit
  • Paid for 10 months
  • Credit card, e-transfer and wire transfer accepted

Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver

Pay monthly
$589CAD per month
  • +$1000 CAD Deposit
  • Paid for 10 months
  • Credit card, e-transfer and wire transfer accepted

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