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TKS is not a typical STEM program – we’re a human accelerator. Students learn about emerging technologies and sciences, develop foundational mindsets, and build tangible skills so they can make an impact on the world. 

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Deadline: Friday, September 4 @ 6pm PST

The sooner you submit your application, the higher your chances are of getting in. Requiring financial support does not reduce your chances of being accepted into the program.

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Program Duration

TKS is a 10 month program, which runs from September 2020 to June 2021.

Session Timing

Our sessions are held on the weekend. After a student is accepted into TKS, they will be placed into a cohort, which is when they'll know the timing of their 3 hour session. If there is a conflict with the time, there will be other options to select from.

Cohort Details

There are 2 cohorts in TKS Las Vegas. Each cohort has between 30-50 students. Students who are accepted will be placed into a cohort based on their personalities, interests, and other factors that optimize friendships and synergies.


To participate in TKS, students must be between 13 - 17 years old.

Program Details

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Our Program
Application Process

Before being accepted into TKS, students must apply. If their application is accepted, they will be interviewed by the program director. There is no prior knowledge of technologies, coding, or science required to join TKS. We look for students with drive, curiosity, and commitment.

Noel Hurst, Director

Noel Hurst was most recently in a senior leadership role at Zappos, a multibillion-dollar Amazon subsidiary, where she advised internal teams on business strategy, process improvements, and key performance indicator measurement. Noel co-founded the Women @ Zappos circle, a diversity group that focuses on empowering women in business.

Kelle Snow, Director

Kelle Snow is a published author with a Master of Science in Educational Psychology. At the College of Southern Nevada, she developed and launched a learning support program providing supplemental instruction to undergraduate students in almost every STEM discipline, in addition to writing, public speaking, and metacognitive strategies.

TKS Las Vegas is hosted at Zappos.

📍400 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV


(Yes, there's a ball pit.)

Option 1: Monthly Fees

$467/Month (10 Months) + $1,000 Deposit

Option 2: One-Time Payment

$5,395 ($270 discount)

🟢 Financial Aid

After a student is accepted into the program, our financial services team will work with them to provide assistance. We are committed to helping high-potential students join the program, regardless of their financial situation. If you are worried about the cost, please still apply to TKS. If you get accepted you can work with our team to receive financial aid.

Program Kick-Off

September 6, 2020


May 23, 2021

Final Session

June 6, 2021

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“I've grown so much as a person because of this program and had the ability to meet a bunch of amazing people. 10/10.”

- Soleil Vivero

“TKS is so awesome! The directors and my peers always push me to do more. They are always encouraging me to finish everything. Also, meeting new people and making new friends is great. Everybody is so smart and nice, it just has a bunch of good vibes. It's rare to find that anywhere else, especially as a high school student in Vegas.”

- Aaron Philips

“This experience has been incredible. I am so glad I got in. I have grown so much, made, made friends and developed a unique set of knowledge that no one else my age has.

-Milan Richardson

"The TKS experience can’t be put into words; it’s truly unlike any opportunity for students out there. If you put in the work, the results will be unfathomable; it will change your life, in a very real way."

- James Wang

TKS has been absolutely AMAZING. I have exponentially improved my knowledge and abilities in the past couple months and it has been the most life changing thing I’ve ever been in. Meeting all these cool people is so awesome and I have made so many great relationships and friendships.

- Roxy Jones

"I would describe my TKS experience as transformative! I have met so many legit people and have 10'xd my personal growth!"

- Elle Glassford

By September, we believe there is a high probability that the physical isolation measures will loosen. However, in case it doesn't, we have contingency measures. We’re committed to being the gold-standard of education (there’s a reason why the World Economic Forum recognized us as a “School of the Future”).
From the beginning, we’ve made large investments in our digital platforms and online infrastructure. This means that we’re 100% prepared for any situation to happen, and if physical distancing continues, we believe that we’ll still be able to deliver an incredible experience. Here’s some of the things we have in place:

  • We’ve developed our own online portal (think of it like LinkedIn meets Google Classroom). Students from all TKS cities can connect with each other here, while also learning about emerging technologies.
  • We use a communication tool called Slack, which allows students to interact throughout the week.
  • We are using Zoom, a video conferencing platform that enables us to create monitored breakout rooms, as well as interactive features like whiteboards and polls.
  • We’re hosting special guest speakers from companies like Tesla and NASA, digitally.

We are fully confident that we will deliver a life-changing experience that will impact the trajectory of our student’s lives. There is much more to TKS than the once/week sessions.

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"TKS is Enlightening. I have learned so much about not only the world and technology, but also mindsets and how to interact in the real world. I’ve learned about myself and realized my potential in ways i wouldn't have dreamed of just six months ago."

- Gaby Floratos, TKS Las Vegas