Written by Navid Nathoo, Executive Director and Co-founder of The Knowledge Society

Hey! I created this resource list to help kids (and adults!) continue learning while they’re at home. Over the next few weeks kids will be able to explore their full curiosities because they won’t be bound by the structure of school. This is a unique time. There are so many resources online with a plethora of valuable knowledge that can spark excitement and passion in people beyond traditional curriculums. I hope this guide provides a gateway to new knowledge and ideas that get young people excited!

Ps. I’ve filtered to resources I thought were high quality. There is a lot of stuff out there, so hopefully this doc helps you narrow down.

Tip: Schedule a block of time during the day to learn and explore new things. Be intentional about when you learn so you can get in the right mindset. I’d allocate 1-2 hour blocks when learning you can get lost in curiosity, and allocate 3-4 hour blocks when building so you can get into a flow state.

Awesome YouTube Channels

Cool Online Learning Platforms

  • Brilliant.org
  • Coursera
  • Skillshare (not just tech)
  • Codecademy (tip: sign up with a .edu account to get it for FREE; you can make one up, they don’t check.)
  • Codewars (advanced coding competitions)
  • edX (courses from MIT, Harvard, etc…)
  • Outschool (live online classes; all ages)
  • Advanced Courses (click arrow to expand)

Special TKS Resources

We released special resources to the public while school’s out. They will only be available for a limited time, check them out!

  • Explore Modules: We released 3 explore modules to the public! These are online resources to learn about new technologies in an easy way. No prior knowledge needed. You can check out the explore modules here: https://applications.theksociety.com/explore
    • You can choose between Brain-Computer Interfaces 🧠, Space Technologies 🚀, and Viruses 🦠.
  • TKS Blog: We have a blog with our students’ content on technologies, projects and mindsets. You can visit our blog here: https://tks.world/blog/
  • Videos of our online education sessions in March. Our impressive city directors and current students ran sessions daily for students and teachers, to teach them about gene editing, AI, nanotechnology, and so much more! Fun fact: hundreds of students from around the world joined us over the two week period and we heard lots of positive feedback on the sessions!

Cutting-Edge News

For Younger Kids (ages 5-13)

I hope that was helpful!

About me

I’m the Founder of The Knowledge Society. My life mission is to help young people unlock their full potential so they can make an impact to the world. I strongly believe that emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, gene editing, synthetic biology, and quantum computing are the tools that the next generation of scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs will use to solve the world’s biggest problems. That’s why I created The Knowledge Society (TKS). We help driven and curious kids age 10-17 learn how to make an impact using emerging technologies, while also training their mindset and connecting them to a global community of like-minded people. Ok, enough self-talk. Enjoy the resources!

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