Empower the next gen of female CEOs and leaders.

TKS Boss Ladies is an intimate discussion series where TKS Innovators get to meet, discuss and learn from the most legit and inspiring women leading their organizations.

Check out the video below to meet the TKS Boss Ladies and see what they’re working on.


The goal of Boss Ladies is to create a space for girls to discuss opportunities and challenges that pertain specifically to women. In the past, we've featured sessions by senior executives from Facebook, Microsoft, the United Nations and more.

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TKS is seeking the best and brightest Boss Ladies in leadership positions to inspire and guide our community of young women. We invite you to host an in-person or virtual session for students in Toronto, NYC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, Vancouver, and Ottawa.

Past Speakers

" These young women inspire me with their fearlessness, intelligence, and passion.I have no doubt they are going to do great things. "

— Gina Cody. MEng 81, PhD 89


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