The Knowledge Society partners with Carrot to identify high calibre applicants.

Carrot wants to get all students excited to pursue STEAM fields– not just a few traditionally drawn to it. How? By pioneering “experiential innovation” through our world-class Challenges, Conferences, Tours, and eSports Tournaments, each designed to apply students’ technical skills while reinforcing 21st-century skills like collaboration, critical thinking, digital literacy, and storytelling.

Students who want to take their interest to the next level with a longer-term program will be recommended to apply to The Knowledge Society’s 10-month accelerator program. The Knowledge Society trains students to develop the skills, mindsets and networks to develop into world-class leaders the way that Olympic level training prepares world-class athletes.

Students who win Carrot’s Innovation Challenges will be fast-tracked through The Knowledge Society’s application process. The Knowledge Society and Carrot have a few things in common. The most important is that they both hope to accelerate innovation and leadership in high schools around North America.

“Working with an organization like Carrot who can help to encourage more students to think differently about innovation and learning will ensure that we reach the types of future leaders we want to join The Knowledge Society’s programs.” – Nadeem Nathoo, Executive Director of TKS,

About The Knowledge Society (TKS)
The Knowledge Society is an immersive 10-month innovation program that trains 13-17 years old to develop the skills, mindsets, networks, and knowledge to solve the world’s biggest problems. Over the course of the year, students will develop projects using advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, virtual/augmented reality, and more! Since its inception, TKS Students have won dozens of awards and been invited to speak at global conferences for audiences totalling over a quarter-million attendees. TKS works with organizations including Microsoft, IBM, Google Airbnb, Walmart, and Zappos. The program is currently expanding across North America.

About Carrot:
Carrot designs custom and turn-key solutions to help you create or elevate your existing youth engagement program. We boost youth education and corporate social responsibility efforts for our partners: Individuals to large corporations and everything in between. Past student participants have been inspired to pursue STEAM fields and have even turned their ideas into patented solutions. Carrot is certified and accredited by, the world’s foremost science, technology, engineering, (arts) & mathematics organization in academic alignment and content creation.