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CIBC Digital is transforming fintech. They’re committed to bringing new ideas into the financial world and passionate about supporting the next-generation to materialize them.

“These students have high interest, high energy, high curiosity, and they are the talent of the future.”

— Senior Vice President, CIBC Digital & Direct Banking

How we work with CIBC Digital




How does CIBC benefit from the partnership?

This was the first time CIBC partnered with a highschool organization. Four TKS students engaged in a summer internship with CIBC, where they worked on exciting new initiatives in areas that involved augmented reality and customer engagement. The students presented in front of 400+ employees during the CIBC Digital all-hands meetings and spoke about the work they were doing, as well as their personal projects in blockchain, AI, and phage therapy. It was motivating for employees to see how much young people can do. CIBC has now partnered with TKS for a third summer to provide internships and opportunities for students.

How do students benefit from working with CIBC?

During our engagements with CIBC, students have built meaningful relationships and developed valuable mentors within the company. They have worked with extremely talented people who taught them knowledge and skills they could only learning a forward-thinking environment like CIBC Digital.


"We tasked these students with improving retention and engagement for our credit card products. Within CIBC, we've been trying to solve this problem for several years, and these students were able to apply a fresh perspective on this problem and look at it in a completely new way."

— Allison Tse, Director, Digital Strategy, CIBC Digital


" What a surprise and delight when the TKS students got on board and were already teaching. They were showing their blogs, decks, and TED talks, - this was something that was immediately shocking to our team. "

— Nora Curick, Senior Director, CIBC Digital

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