Developing Innovators of the future with Microsoft.

Our partnership with Microsoft has extended through various engagements, including speaking opportunities, consulting on real-world problems and summer internships.

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" We had TKS Students work on real products, extending from using Azure to AI Chatbots. In every project, they came through and actually delivered.  "

— Ahmed Abdel, Development Team Lead at Microsoft

How do students benefit from working with Microsoft?

The experience Microsoft provided to TKS students has completely changed their life. They have networked with executives from across the world, keynoted at large conferences on behalf of Microsoft, and had the opportunity to work on high priority initiatives within the organization. This is an experience that most people never get in a lifetime. Microsoft’s support of TKS Talks has allowed thousands of students from around the world to learn from top speakers, like Shaloo Garg, GM of Microsoft Startups.

Microsoft’s deep commitment to investing in young ambitious students is shaping them into pioneers who will solve big problems and influence the next generation.

How does Microsoft benefit from the partnership?

TKS students work on a variety of high priority projects and initiatives with Microsoft.

In one project, students educated Microsoft’s AI School and provided detailed feedback on strategic direction, product experience, and growth strategy. In another project, students built a chatbot using machine learning techniques to enhance customer service. Students have also keynoted at Microsoft conferences, including Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas, where the TKS students received standing ovations from the audience.

Overall, Microsoft has provided young ambitious students with experiences that will accelerate their ability to significantly impact the world, while developing deep relationships with the top talent of the future.

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