Age group 11 - 13

Foundations: In-Person

September 2021 to June 2022.

  • Toronto

Pay Per Month $445/month (10 Months) + $1,000 Deposit

Single Payment $4,950 ($500 discount)

The Foundations program has been designed to cater to students between the ages of 11 to 13 years. This timeframe is a crucial opportunity to shape the attitudes, mindsets and personality as children enter their teenage years. Foundations focuses on developing students across these key areas while exposing them to emerging technologies, the world’s biggest problems and development of key technical and soft skills.

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Deadline: April 5, 2021

💸 Money should never be the reason not to participate. We offer tuition support.

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In Foundations, we focus on:

  • Providing exposure to world problems and emerging technologies.
  • Building mindsets and frameworks for all areas of life.
  • Developing internal and external confidence.
  • Predicting the future and thinking about how the world is evolving.
  • Building problem solving skills, communication skills, and independence.
  • Shaping a sense of belonging to a strong community of students in TKS.
  • Practicing gratitude, mindfulness and an increased level of empathy 

Ideal students for Foundations are curious about learning, enjoy working with others and constantly crave mental stimulation. They enjoy learning about technologies and solving problems.

In Foundations, there is no typical session. Each week has a different theme that connects to a topic, skill, and mindset. Sessions are highly interactive, collaborative, and engaging. Students are given problems that don't have solutions and are constantly pushed to think creatively.

Having a growth mindset is more critical than ever for success. In Foundations, we encourage learning from failures, independence and curiosity. We work with students to build mental models that they can consider when making difficult decisions.

Throughout the year, students will work in teams to practice solving complex problems. The focus here is on the process over the outcome and to build their grit, tenacity, and ability to work through challenging situations. Through repeated application of a problem solving framework, the goal is for students to become better at navigating challenges in all areas of life.

Guest speakers are also brought in from various industries to provide students with a breadth of real-world exposure.




Emotional Intelligence








Time Management

Program Duration

TKS is a 10 month program, which runs from September 2021 to June 2022.

Session Timing

Our sessions are held on the weekend. After a student is accepted into TKS, they will be placed into a cohort, which is when they'll know the timing of their 3 hour session. If there is a conflict with the time, there will be other options to select from.

Cohort Details

There are 3 cohorts in TKS Foundations. Each cohort has between 25-30 students. Students who are accepted will be placed into a cohort based on their personalities, interests, and other factors that optimize friendships and synergies.


TKS Foundations is hosted at WeWork Toronto.
📍 176 Yonge St, Toronto, ON

Application Process

Before being accepted into TKS, students must apply. If their application is accepted, they will be interviewed by the program director. There is no prior knowledge of technologies, coding, or science required to join TKS. We look for students with drive, curiosity, and commitment.

Nadim Nasser
Nadim has spent 10+ years in the education and development sectors across East Africa, Central Asia and India. As part of the founding team of the University of Central Asia, Nadim was responsible for leading Student Recruitment, Curriculum Development and Academic Operations for the first three University campuses launched in the mountain areas of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan (valued at over $200M). Nadim has also led a number of summer camps and youth development programs for kids 9 - 18 years for over a decade.

Option 1: Monthly Fees

$445/Month (10 Months) + $1,000 Deposit

Option 2: One-Time Payment

$4,950 ($500 discount)

🟢 Tuition Support

After a student is accepted into the program, our financial aid team will work with them to provide assistance. We are committed to helping high-potential students join the program, regardless of their financial situation. If you are worried about the cost, please still apply to TKS. If you get accepted you can work with our team to receive tuition support. Click here to learn more.

Applications Close: April 5, 2021

Program Kick-Off

September 2021

Final Session

June 2022

"TKS Foundations is a holistic program to learn about emerging technologies and how they can be applied to solve for global problems. The unique advantage of this program is how they infuse valuable life skills like mindfulness, presentation experience, exposure opportunities which are transferable skills sets for future success."

- Rishma Lalani, Parent

"TKS Foundations is an empowerment program. It channels their curiosity towards learning about the world while stretching their creativity to solve problems. This is done in an environment where they are building confidence, teamwork and life skills. There is no other program I know of that empowers kids in such a profound way."

- Nina Chandarana, Parent

"This is an amazing opportunity for any child that is inquisitive and has a thirst for learning. I believe this also helps to build confidence which alone is so invaluable."

- Yasin Dharamshi, Parent

"Over the past year my mindset has become more curious! I have noticed that I now like to search up different questions and really go in depth in doing research about them. I am generally asking more questions around the house as well and am expanding my knowledge about numerous things!"

- Sanjali Paruthi, Student

"I have gained so much more confidence and strengths in presenting in front of an audience. I’ve learned a lot about emerging technologies and about some of the key individuals who have made change in the world."

- Rianna Kalra, Student

"TKS is amazing. It challenges my thinking skills and it really pushes me to put in 110%. TKS is nothing like my experience at school!"

- Anjiya Tejani, Student

By September, we believe there is a high probability that the physical isolation measures will loosen. However, in case it doesn't, we have contingency measures. We’re committed to being the gold-standard of education (there’s a reason why the World Economic Forum recognized us as a “School of the Future”).

From the beginning, we’ve made large investments in our digital platforms and online infrastructure. This means that we’re 100% prepared for any situation to happen, and if physical distancing continues, we believe that we’ll still be able to deliver an incredible experience. Here’s some of the things we have in place:

  • We’ve developed our own online portal (think of it like LinkedIn meets Google Classroom). Students from all TKS cities can connect with each other here, while also learning about emerging technologies.
  • We use a communication tool called Slack, which allows students to interact throughout the week.
  • We are using Zoom, a video conferencing platform that enables us to create monitored breakout rooms, as well as interactive features like whiteboards and polls.
  • We’re hosting special guest speakers from companies like Tesla and NASA, digitally.

We are fully confident that we will deliver a life-changing experience that will impact the trajectory of our student’s lives. There is much more to TKS than the once/week sessions.