Student Projects

Check out some projects that TKS students have worked on. 

Artificial Intelligence

Using recent developments in areas like machine learning and neural networks, computers are now able to solve complex problems better than humans. This enables us to perform extremely effective human-like tasks using computers.

Using AI To Build A Robotic Hand

Alishba Imran

Machine Learning Without Code

Michael Ye & Sigil Wen

Unlocking Drug Discovery with AI

Joey Mach, William Law, Aryan Misra

Diagnosing Depression with AI and Microbes

Mikey Taylor

Building a Robot Best Friend

Ananya Chadha

Using AI to Find Transcription Binding Sites

Anupra Chandran

Use Machine Learning to Detect Every Disease

Liam Hinzman

Predicting Supercapacitor Aging 10x Faster

Shagun Maheshwari, Samarth Athreya, Alishba Imran

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Quantum Computing

Using qubits, quantum computers enables us to exponentially increase our computational abilities, helping us to solve the worlds hardest and most complex problems.

Helping Build a Photonic Quantum Future

Brianna Gopaul

Quantum Natural Gradient

Maggie Li

Building Quantum Circuits

Ryan Lam

The Bernstein-Vazirani Algorithm

Lana Bozanic

Doing Math with Quantum Computers

Jack Ceroni

Quantum Annealing with Protein Folding

Alice Lui

Quantum Optimization for Energy Plant Locations

Saad Mufti

Quantum Chemistry with the VQE Algorithm

Jenny Zhang

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Genetic Engineering

We can change the genetic material of organisms - which is the code to life. This could mean editing bacteria to produce lab-grown food like meats and milk, or editing human DNA to get rid of certain diseases!

Increasing the Lifespan of Fruit Flies

Hannah Le

Genetically Modifying E.coli

Cameron Kerr

Biofuels with CRISPR

Eliza Aguhar

PERV-Inactivated Pigs with CRISPR

Maya Kasbekar

Silencing CDKN3 to treat Kidney cancer

Apurva Joshi

Gene Therapy for Anti-Aging

Kiran Kumar

Treating Alziemer's with Base Editing

Akshaj Darbar

Controlling the KRas Oncogene

Sam Li

Space Technology

How can we create an extraterrestrial species? What's really out there? Are we alone? Space tech is all about building technologies that help us explore the universe. Anything from new telescopes, space elevators to rockets.

3D printing a rocket

Ali Gangeh

Building a Model Rocket Engine

Orion Harball

A Rocket with a Flight Computer

Rosa Li

Building a Radio Telescope

Peter Ma

Eliminating Space Debris with Ion Beams

Christina Wang

Building a Satellite

Peter Ma

Reducing Effects of Space Flight on Humans

Adara Hagman

An Intro to Spectrometry

Amelia Settembre

Brain Computer Interfaces

By analyzing brain activity and connecting the results to computers, BCIs help us use our brains to perform tasks. They'll help us produce new medical devices and therapies. With BCIs, we may even be able to connect our brains to the internet to enhance our intelligence!

Using EEG Data to Diagnose Depression

Luke Piette

Searching for the News with Brainwaves

Lina Nayvelt

Building Personalized Playlists for your Brain

Mayank Jain

Brain-controlled Cars

Shifra Khan

Brain-controlled Pong

Soumiya Sivasathyanathan

Detecting Alzheimer's using EEGs

Sabrina Singh

Predicting Hand Movements with EEG Data

Aaryan Harshith

Automatic Computer Volume Control

Sabeeh Hassany

More Student Projects

Many of our students are working on niche and cool projects that don't necessarily fit in any category. Every student has the option to explore whatever they're passionate about.

Distributing Misoprostol in Rural Nigeria

Isabella Grandic, Shifra Khan, Ruhani Walia, Navya Riju, Stephanie Profiris

Giving Maize Farmers Access To Improved Storage Bags

Arnav Paruthi, Anupra Chandran, Alim Bhatia, Sohail Sayed

The Plastic Shift: Helping Organizations Solve the Plastic Problem

Madhav Malhorta, Ayleen Farnood

Decentralized Birth Registration

Eesha Ulhaq

Distributing Mental Health Care

Faith Inello

How to Slow Down Aging

Michael Trinh

Protein Imaging with Nanopores

Kiran Mak & Mukundh Murthy

Wireless Energy Transfer Using Tesla Coils

Ruhani Walia


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