Solving The World's Most Important Problems

Second and third year TKS students share projects they're working on to solve some of the world's biggest problems. This includes areas like maternal mortality, food waste, research reproducibility, and plastic pollution.



Using Exponential Technology To Solve Real World Problems.

First and second year students discuss what they are building in exponential technologies, such as quantum computing, machine learning, and space technologies, to solve real-world problems, like drug discovery.


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Training Innovative Mindsets For Developing Unicorn People

TKS helps students build strong foundational mindsets to use throughout their lives to help reach their potential. Hear students share their perspectives and what they have learned through practicing different mindsets weekly, such as authenticity, thinking 10x, boss mentality, and growth mindset.



Empowering The Next Generation of Female CEOs and Leaders

With a mission of building pipelines of equity, TKS empowers young women with community support to develop their ambition to change the world. Female students from all cities discuss what being part of #bossladies means to them as well as share their personal aspirations, such as discovering solutions to human aging and using neurotechnology for applications in healthcare.



Thinking 10x for Creating a Better Future

In order to create a better future, students use 10x thinking to combine their personal passions with exponential technologies for building moonshot companies. Projects include nanosensors for early disease detection, nuclear reactors for sustainable energy, and insect farming for alternative protein products.


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Consulting With Real Companies On Real Challenges

Students share the consulting projects that they worked on through the TKS program with companies like Google's Sidewalk Labs, Techstars, Kidogo, and more!


We ♥️ Our Partners!

Thank you to all our partners that help us create life-changing experiences for our students. This includes funding our needs-based scholarships that support students from underserved communities, as well as collaborating with us to expose students to meaningful real-world problems (i.e. Challenges) they can solve.