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"Before TKS, I wanted to do something big, but had no idea how to get there. I thought I would go to a good university, get a decent job, and maybe if I'm lucky I'll do something big, but it probably won't happen. TKS showed me not only how to do big things, but how to lead a good life. I've faced my insecurities, learnt about the perils of the hedonic treadmill, and discovered what I actually want to spend my life doing and how to get there. Most importantly, I've found my best friends in the TKS community."

Arnav Paruthi | TKS Alumni

"Joining TKS was the best thing I ever did. It completely changed how I view myself and the world and I absolutely would not have undergone such radical changes without TKS. It flipped my perspective on my personal progress and self-worth and completely altered my views on risk-taking and becoming an interesting person. I've been able to step outside of my comfortable and do things like being the youngest graduate of Seth Godin's altMBA at 16 years old!"

"When it comes to problem-solving skills and personal growth: TKS taught me in two years"When it comes to problem-solving skills and personal growth: TKS taught me in two years""When it comes to problem-solving skills and personal growth: TKS taught me in two years"

Michael Trinh | TKS Alumni

"As a logical, analytical person I never really thought about learning about personal skills. Skills like building close relationships, addressing my insecurities, etc. Going through TKS was a wake up call. To really make a difference by solving problems I care about, I can't just learn how to code. TKS is more than just the "hard skills." It taught me the skills that no one really talks about/emphasizes. I get to deal with all the personal barriers holding me back, with the support of the best friends I could ask for in the TKS community."

Madhav Malhorta | TKS Alumni

"TKS has greatly accelerated both the development of my knowledge and skills, and my growth as a person. Echoing the sentiments of other students, I've felt like an outsider for most of my life. Others around me were largely uninterested in the things I was interested in, and I always felt like there had to be more to life than just going to school, playing video games, and learning stuff on my own. While in TKS, I discovered there is indeed more to life. I now have a much better idea of what I wanna do, where I wanna go, and the privilege to call some really great, smart people my friends."

Adar Kahiri | TKS Alumni

"TKS literally changed my life trajectory. Pre-TKS, I was pretty sure I was going to university, maybe do a Masters or go to law school, then find a job to work in so I can make enough money to support my family. Now, this is only my ideal worst-case scenario. TKS taught me things that I wouldn't have learned until my late 20s and instilled mindsets in me that I maybe would've never learned otherwise. TKS gave me the confidence to fail and to go down an unconventional path, while equipping me with tools I needed to succeed. Without a doubt, had I not done TKS, there is no way I would become the person I am."

Eliza Aguhar | TKS Alumni

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"I was too comfortable before TKS. I always knew what I wanted: good grades, a degree in medicine from a good university, and to help a lot of people someday. After joining TKS, I not only realized there's so much more I could want, but that I could start right now. I removed the word "someday" from my vocabulary. I've learned so much it feels like my brain doubled in size- from breaking down problems to their root causes and asking good questions, to implementing solutions with various companies. The program helped me break out of that comfort zone I was in. It's crazy to think about where I'd be without TKS, and it's even crazier to think about where we'll all be in the future, thanks to it."

Anupra Chandran  | TKS Alumni

"I was always a pretty bright kid, programming and learning math in my free time - but before joining TKS I wasn't ambitious or driven to accomplish a vision. Now I am. I've grown so much because of TKS: through doing consulting projects with companies like Walmart and WealthSimple, doing internships at Layer 6 (TD Bank's AI research lab) and SickKids research hospital, and learning as much as I can about a multitude of fields. The program has definitely changed my life trajectory. "

Liam Hinzman | TKS Alumni

"TKS changed my life and redirected my energy towards things that matter. I cannot recommend it enough if you are an ambitious young person."

Jay Parthasarthy | TKS Alumni

"TKS has definitely been life-changing. I grew my ability to figure things out. I got exposure to mindsets that have completely changed my lifestyle and the way that I think about my potential. I've been reading 1-2 books a week and solidifying a really helpful 5am schedule. I have a better idea of what I want to do in the world and super grateful for that. Most importantly, TKS toppled my assumptions about the world. It showed me that you don't need a pHd to have an impact. You can do more with less."

Mukundh Murthy | TKS Alumni

"Pre TKS I wanted to work at Google - now it feels like I've been lifted to a new level of consciousness and the realm of possibilities for my future has been expanded from that one outcome to thousands. After going to 8 schools in 3 countries through regular, gifted and IB programs, most of the best people I know I met at TKS. I always felt like an outsider before. TKS is what you make of it and everyone, myself included, always says they could have done more. That's probably the most accurate way to describe TKS → it helps you achieve everything you wanted and makes you realize you could do even more than you've ever realized. Now, I'm an incoming Dev Degree Intern at Shopify, and a big part of the journey was TKS."

Aadil Ali | TKS Alumni

"I would describe my experience in TKS as an extremely fun, eye-opening 10-month journey. I learned more about technology than I ever would at school. The mindsets we discussed built some really strong foundations for changing the world in the future. All in all, it was an absolutely life-changing experience."

Brian Lee | TKS Alumni

"My experience in TKS has elevated me as a student, researcher, friend, presenter, and overall innovative thinker. There has not been a single moment where I did not love being a part of TKS. TKS and the TKS community make me feel at home in my own skin, where I am not only encouraged to follow my passion and ambition, I am pushed to new limits of creativity, curiosity, and skill."

Faith Inello | TKS Alumni

"TKS has been an incredibly eye-opening, life-changing experience. My aspirations and goals are so much larger than before and, for the first time, I feel like I have the potential to do something big and great. TKS gave me the skillsets and knowledge that will be instrumental in changing the world for the better."

Adeola Ojuade | TKS Alumni

"TKS was an amazing experience which has helped me grow as a person in so many different ways. Not only did it me an entirely different mindset and opinion on life, but it's also given me exposure to so many interesting technologies and problems in the world today."

Ayleen Farnood  | TKS Alumni

"The program has completely shifted my frame of what is possible. I've met some of the smartest people that have became my best friends. I've grown the most than I ever have in my life. Before TKS, I never would have thought It'd be possible for a teenager to work on technologies that could change the world."

Alishba Imran  | TKS Alumni

"Going through TKS has been a life changing experience. The program exposed me to variety of skills and mindsets that has helped me realize my full potential, and has set me on the right path to reach my most ambitious goals. By far, the best decision I’ve ever made was to apply to this program. "

Samarth Athreya | TKS Alumni

"Through TKS, I learned the mindsets, soft skills, and technical skills needed for success in our rapidly changing world. I developed a passion fintech after focusing on the intersection of AI and finance for the duration of the program. Another aspect of TKS I loved was getting to hear from super legit entrepreneurs such as Evan Spiegel (Snapchat founder). "

Roshan Adusumilli | TKS Alumni

"I can’t even remember who I was before TKS. I came in thinking it was like any other science and tech program which would help optimize my journey to what I thought was success, the conventional path. But after being exposed to the mindsets and skillsets that trailblazers in the world have and implementing them, I’ve become Soumiya 2.0! My biggest success after my first year in the program is that I am so proud of the person I have become. I now feel that factors like my circumstances or age shouldn’t prevent my capacity to make a substantial change in the world - TKS helped me further explore brain-computer interfaces and other emerging technologies to transform mental health!"

"TKS gave me confidence. My 2 years in the program were the perfect blend of support, mentorship and pushing my growth. One of the experiences I LOVED was the Harvard business case study. That was my first experience learning how to be very "analytical." All the exposure I've gotten in TKS has helped me be more quantitative, thoughtful and data-oriented. I can't even put the experience, my learnings or my gratitude into words. Everything I accomplish during my lifetime will be because of TKS."

Isabella Grandic | TKS Alumni

"TKS has given me the skills, opportunities, and experience necessary to make an impact on the world. Before TKS, the question I used to ask was, “How can I change the world?” Now it’s “Why not change the world?”

"I myself have attended many academic programs, and I can say without a doubt that TKS is definitely the most impactful. It's more than just knowledge about science or tech. We learned about important, under-looked skills like mindsets and how to overcome personal obstacles. TKS has provided me with an insane amount of opportunities, that have allowed me to grow and really opened my eyes to see what I can truly achieve. "

Sam Li | TKS Alumni

"TKS is truly unlike any other program for teenagers. It isn't an average academic camp, but one that will seek to develop you holistically and challenge you to look at problems and the future in radically different terms. If a student has the drive, what they can accomplish in TKS will be unfathomable."

James Wang | TKS Alumni

"The program was life-changing. Definitely gave me a lot of clarity about the different ways my life can play out and saved me a lot of time learning stuff people only learn about after they get this crazy amount of student debt and work a shitty job they don't like."

"TKS was amazing. I learned a lot and I would say it completely changed my mindset. I went from being scared of failure to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And being comfortable with failure is important because you can learn a lot more from failure and the process, than taking the easy way out. And on top of changing how I thought of things I got to meet awesome people that I know will be long time friends of mine."

Elvis Polanco | TKS Alumni

"TKS was life-changing. It changed my mindset (boss mentality!), got me to learn tons about technology, taught me essential skills like hard work, presentations, one-pagers etc., and taught me how to extract value from anything I put my mind towards. Most importantly, TKS and the community showed me the value of relationships."

Devanshi Upadhyay | TKS Alumni

"TKS set me on a new lifestyle where tasks like introspection and networking are part of my daily routine. It helped me set up the path I am pursuing for my life and exposed me to a supportive community, leading me to meet my best friends and co-founders"

Cameron Kerr  | TKS Alumni


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