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The Knowledge Society is a 10-month innovation program for students around the world ages 13-17 who want to solve the world’s biggest problems. The program is modeled after curriculums from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, and designed to replicate the learning environments of Google and Facebook. Students from around the world collaborate on real-world problems and receive mentorship for industry experts.


Here are a few examples of what you'll talk about:

Harvard Business Case

Solving real-world problems through a Harvard business school (MBA) case study


Data Analysis


Attention To Detail

Artificial Intelligence

Understand the implications of AI in various industries


Personal Websites



The Food Crisis

Analyze the causes of hunger and design solutions to end world hunger.


Problem Solving


Global Thinking

“We do so many different things in sessions, ranging from global sessions, hackathons, challenges with real companies, science and technology and life discussions.”



See our students speak on projects they are working on

“Before TKS, I never would have thought It’d be possible for a teenager to work on technologies that could change the world. Now, I’m working with companies like Hanson Robotics and San Jose State University to develop cheaper prosthetics and improve rehabilitation tech at the intersection of AI and robotics.”


Alishba Imran







Product Development

Project Management


Video Editing





Critical Thinking

Public Speaking

Growth Mindset

Thinking 10X




Boss Mentality


Seek Understanding

See how our students apply their skills in projects

“TKS has definitely been life-changing. I grew my ability to figure things out. I got exposure to mindsets that have completely changed my lifestyle and the way that I think about my potential. I’ve been reading 1-2 books a week and solidifying a really helpful 5am schedule. I have a better idea of what I want to do in the world and super grateful for that. Most importantly, TKS toppled my assumptions about the world. It showed me that you don’t need a pHd to have an impact. You can do more with less.”


Mukundh Murthy

TKS Alumni

Meet A Student

Meet TKS Virtual Students

United Nations

This year, our Innovate students are working with the United Nations where students are working in teams to research and develop solutions to empower women and girls in developing countries to thrive in the digital economy.


TKS Activators (second-year students) helped XPRIZE figure out how to get 1000 teams to submit proposals to Elon Musk’s carbon capture prize. TKS innovators had to figure out not only how to improve the quantity of submissions, but also the quality of submissions.


Instacart tasked TKS Toronto students with the following problem: how do we improve the shopping experience for Instacart customers? The Instacart Challenge winners will have the opportunity to work with Instacart this summer to implement their ideas.


LEGO needs to consistently and effectively engage with teens – a key demographic for achieving their mission to inspire the builders of tomorrow. Traditionally outside of their target market, LEGO must think outside of the box in order to get teens to interact with their brand. TKS innovators were the perfect people to solve this challenge.

“Received a random email from a group of 15-16 year girls from The Knowledge Society who sent me a slick, professional slide deck w/concrete AI/tech-based suggestions on scaling women entrepreneurship. Better than most top-tier consultants. Seriously need to rethink our youth engagement strategy.”


Jamshed Kazi

UN Women, Representative-Indonesia

“I’ve always been super passionate about helping young people achieve their full potential. I am working for an organization that is helping to build the tools and methods to accelerate the potential of young people.”


Kim Parnell

TKS Toronto Director

Tobi Lutke

Founder and CEO of Shopify


“I met some TKS students at the Collision conference, and it was ridiculous how smart they were. I had a conversation on particle physics with a 13-year-old, it didn’t seem unusual at the time – those kids are amazing.”


Global companies and top startups choose to partner with TKS to hire for internships and full time roles.

Guest Speakers and Conferences

TKS students regularly get to attend exclusive speaker events and conferences.

Kevin Peesker

President of Microsoft Canada


“Students from TKS were operating with a different set of constructs than what we see from normal students. Engaging with students who had built a level of knowledge that I would equate to university graduates – to see that in action, it’s hard not to walk away and think, ‘Wow!’”

Monthly Payment

**Discount if paid in full

$439 USD /Month (10 Months) + $1,000 Deposit

We are committed to making our innovative education affordable to curious and ambitious young people, regardless of their financial situation.

50% of our students receive tuition support

Up to 100% of tuition costs covered

Our application process is needs-blind. Requesting Tuition Support will not affect your admittance into TKS.
 We will work with you individually if you're accepted into the program to ensure the program is accessible and affordable for your family.

Tuition Support

Tuition and Fees

We believe that personal finances should not stop ambitious students from joining TKS. Accepted students can apply for tuition support once they’re accepted into the program. In the past, our needs-based scholarships have covered 20% – 90% of students’ tuition. Learn more about Tuition Support

Virtual Program (Sept-June): $439 USD / month + deposit
We offer tuition support for those who need it, and discounted pricing for students who pay in a single payment.

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No, you do not require any prior knowledge about technologies or coding. Many of our students get exposed to these areas for the first time in TKS. Students work on tech or science projects outside of sessions. We have online tools and resources to help anyone learn — no matter the level.

TKS is a 10-month program (Sept-June). Students can re-apply for the program each year. Many students stay in the program for several years.

There are 3-hour sessions every week. Usually, these sessions are on the weekend. The students who grow the most in our program invest the most time outside of the sessions into the projects they create while in TKS. Typically, this is usually 6-10 hours each week. There’s no homework in TKS. But, we’ve built our own learning platform for students to dive into emerging technologies/sciences and build their own projects. Students participate in project-based learning at their own pace.

TKS isn’t just about STEM; our goal is to train the world’s next thought leaders, CEOs and innovators to impact billions. This isn’t a tech boot camp. We’re a human accelerator. We believe leveraging exponential technologies is the best way to scale impact. TKS trains students on developing both hard skills and soft skills. We provide students with guidelines, resources and mentors to build expertise in fields of emerging technologies and sciences. Our secret-sauce is the emphasis on soft-skills. We model our curriculum after top innovation institutions like MIT, Google and Stanford. Students learn about:

  • Networking
  • Presenting
  • Building confidence
  • Philosophy
  • Having thoughtful discussions
  • Consulting frameworks
  • Design
  • Negotiation
  • Mindsets
  • Mental models
  • Branding
  • Leveraging curiosity to explore various areas of STEM
  • Building friendships

Visit the program page for more

TKS has 40+ internal learning modules where students can learn about a variety of emerging sciences and technologies. Each student can “explore” these learning modules. They include a few hours of hand-picked learning articles and videos. After some exploration, students choose a “focus” area. We provide them with guidance on how to complete a “focus.” Within each focus, students develop depth of knowledge in the topic through our project-based learning approach. This includes creating articles and videos around technical research, building algorithms/computer projects yourself, or interviewing researchers in the field. By joining TKS, students have access to our learning frameworks, guidelines and approaches. Students typically complete two focuses in one year of the program. Some examples of topics we offer:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Material Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Brain-computer Interfaces
  • Viruses
  • Cellular Agriculture
  • Blockchain
  • Space Exploration
  • Cancer treatments
  • Virtual Reality
  • Metabolomics
  • … The list goes on.

Students can study whatever interests them. If the topic they’re passionate about isn’t available, they’re still able to complete a “focus” in it.

TKS is an extracurricular program. Students attend school during the week and attend a TKS session on the weekend. However, we do have optional opportunities that may pop up during the week. Again, these are optional.

Sessions are run fully virtually, with students from around the world. TKS Virtual students use Slack, Zoom, and our own platform to coordinate hangouts and activities between sessions.

Opportunities outside sessions are limited to remote experiences. We host many incredible guest speakers and workshops online, but you won’t be able to attend in-person events or office tours.

After TKS

Our priority is to prepare students for the real world. During the program, students work on unique projects and create a personal portfolio that can be used when applying to university. Some TKS students have gone on to attend world-class universities, and many have gotten incredible scholarships. We do not have a university feeder program, but TKS focuses on building skills to prepare students for life. Examples of schools our students attend:

  • Stanford University
  • UC Berkeley
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • UC San Diego
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Toronto
  • Queens University
  • Minerva Schools at KGI

TKS has partnerships with companies that may provide internship opportunities to select students. During TKS, we work with students to secure internships with leading companies like Microsoft, Deloitte, and KPMG, while also training them on how to be successful in these positions. This enables students to add tremendous value to the organizations they work with, while also maximizing their learning experience. Internships must be earned by the students and are not guaranteed. However, throughout the program, students learn valuable skills like cold-emailing and having meetings. Many students get internships on their own with the skills they learned through TKS.

TKS doesn’t stop after the 10-month program. We want to support our alumni during their journey towards impacting billions. We have an online platform and global community for our past and current students. They have access to our TKS resources, learning modules and mentors. We are also building an investment fund for startups founded by TKS Alumni, while also creating relationships with top-tier organizations to help them recruit talent to solve hard problems.


There are 4 types of sessions:

  1. Tech/science sessions
  2. Challenge sessions (students work with real companies on a “challenge”)
  3. Hackathons
  4. Philosophy and personal growth

Sessions are ~3 hours. We typically do them in-person, but are able to deliver the same quality online. We’ve designed these sessions to be interactive. These sessions involve:

  • Group discussions
  • Hands-on activites
  • Research activites
  • Presentations

For more information, please check out our program page.

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TKS hosts several sessions at differnet timest throughout the week to accommodate Virtual students in different time zones. The specific time and day will be determined based on which cohort students get accepted into, and their own time zone. Each cohort is strategically designed based on interests and personality types to maximize relationships between students.


There are 2 steps before being accepted into TKS. First, you’ll need to submit an application. Then, based on your application, we may request additional material like a video or article before moving to the interview step. The interview is over video chat. If we think you are the right fit for TKS after your interview, we will extend an invitation for you to join the program.

You can access it in the top-right corner; click the green button. Or, right here:

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Any high school student that is ambitious, driven, curious, and wants to make an impact on the world. If you aren’t a great presenter or you don’t have technical programming skills, don’t worry. Those are skills we train. But you DO need to be open to learning new skills by pushing yourself and committed to putting in the effort! (Seriously, this isn’t going to be a random extracurricular you go to once a week).

We don’t have a “quota” for the number of students we select. We only select students who we think can grow exponentially in our program and have a high degree of drive and curiosity. As a result, acceptance rates vary based on the number of applications and the city. Historically, the average acceptance rate has varied from 10-20%.

Students can join TKS while they’re in high school and on a gap year.

We get this question a lot, but unfortunately, we don’t accept students who will be in University during the program.


Our students are re-defining what teenagers can do. Some examples are:

To learn more, check out our student spotlight page.