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We created TKS Virtual to remove geographic limitations for curious and driven young people. This program is 100% online and will connect people from across the world. You will have access to all our programs, materials, and technologies.

Ages 13 – 18 years old. 

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Program Duration

TKS Virtual runs from September 2021 - June 2022. It follows the same schedule as the city programs, but the sessions are optimized for online interactions.

Session Timing

Each session is 2-3 hours and happen each week. We are planning to have sessions that can accommodate various timezones.

Cohort Details

There are multiple cohorts in TKS Virtual. Each cohort has between 40 - 50 students. Students who are accepted will be placed into a cohort based on their personalities, interests, location, and other factors that optimize friendships and synergies.


To participate in TKS, students must be between 13 - 18 years old.

Program Details

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Our Program
Application Process

Before being accepted into TKS, students must apply. If their application is accepted, they will be interviewed by the program director. There is no prior knowledge of technologies, coding, or science required to join TKS. We look for students with drive, curiosity, and commitment.

  • Be surrounded by like-minded, driven, curious, and ambitious people from around the world.
  • Access to mentors from top-tier organizations.
  • Have a dedicated director to give you personalized guidance to maximize your personal growth.
  • Exposure to emerging technologies and sciences, while being guided to develop your own unique projects. Note: This will require time and effort. Do not expect success without working hard.
  • Special guest speakers to give talks and presentations on their work in areas like artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and solving important problems in the world.
  • Access to TKS's exclusive technology platforms that we have built to connect students, alumni, and mentors.
  • Access to unique opportunities like internships, scholarships, competitions, and speaking opportunities. Note: these opportunities must be earned and are not given to everyone in the program. 
  • Learn real-world skills like building your personal brand, networking with professionals, using problem solving frameworks, making professional slide decks, and creating high quality content to share your ideas with the world.
  • Learn how to solve real-world problems by working with companies on problems they're currently facing. We call these "challenges".
  • Develop foundational mindsets and mental models to help you make a meaningful impact on the world, while also developing self-awareness.

Option 1: Monthly Fees

$439/Month (10 months) + $1,000 Deposit

Option 2: One-Time Payment

$4,980 ($410 discount)

We accept all currencies and will convert the cost to USD at the time of payment.

🟢 Financial Aid

After a student is accepted into the program, our financial services team will work with them to provide assistance. We are committed to helping high-potential students join the program, regardless of their financial situation. If you are worried about the cost, please still apply to TKS. If you get accepted you can work with our team to receive financial aid.

Accepted students can apply for need-based scholarships during the application process. We require proof of family income for the past 2 years, as well as an explanation of your financial situation. Since each situation is different, our team will assess each request individually. Aid will be offered based on your financial situation and the amount of financial aid we have available. In the past, we have provided up to 80% in financial aid to students who need the support.

Early Application Deadline

January 31, 2021

Regular Applications Open

February 1, 2021

Cohorts Finalized

July 1, 2021

Program Kick-Off

September 2021

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"I honestly don't know where I would be right now without The Knowledge Society. TKS has helped me reach my full potential, and I'm solving problems with emerging technologies that I never knew I was capable of solving. TKS has given me opportunities at places like Harvard, MIT, and GSV Labs that no other high schoolers get to go to."

 - Mikey Taylor

"TKS has changed my life. They've changed the way I see the world, the way I react to it, and the way I move forward. Joining TKS may have been the best choice I ever made."

- Amelia Settembre

"In one word: PHENOMENAL. I've gotten to meet so many new and likeminded people from all walks of life - I can't articulate how much that means to me, growing up feeling like an outcast in school because no one liked the same things as me. I've developed different skills in ways I've never thought about developing them. Everything from presentations to just talking with other people (and those two go more hand-in-hand than I thought!). Learning about new tech makes me SO happy and grateful. I get to learn about all of this amazing tech and be able to implement in a way that's going to impact billions!"

- Apurva Joshi

"I've really enjoyed diving deep into topics that I've never really learned about before. The way that I perceive the world around me is changing, and my ability to confidently make decisions is improving."

- Mukundh Murthy

"It's been great, not only did I develop a deeper understanding on a few emerging technologies, I also developed other critical skills including writing, communication, confidence."

-  Alice Liu

"I absolutely love it so much. It has completely changed my life already. My perspectives have changed, as well as my goals, my future, and everything I ever hoped for I feel like I can achieve now."

- Alyssa Gould

  • You must be fluent in English.
  • You must have access to a high-speed internet connection that supports video chat. You can test this through Zoom or Google Hangouts.
  • You must have access to a laptop/computer that can support applications like Zoom and Slack. Ideally a laptop/computer that was purchased after 2013.

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"I have loved being a part of TKS!!! Since I started, I have both grown as a person by completely changing my mindset, grown in my knowledge by being given access to new resources and inspired/motivated to learn more, and grown in socially as a part of the TKS community!!!"

- Faith Inello, TKS Boston